An Argosy Pool Table is a fine piece of furniture built to last for generations. Each table is made with pride, one at a time, giving full attention to the precision fittings and detail of every table that leaves the shop. Our tables are designed in part based on years of servicing  the big name brands. While all pool tables have the same basic components, it's the materials used and how they are put together that make the difference between long lasting quality and just another game table. A top quality pool table should not only provide a dependable day to day playing field, but must be durable enough to last a lifetime of being disassembled, moved and recovered.

Many manufacturers use assembly line component part production, which rely on the installer to do the final construction. Such pieced together table frames use screws and brackets that can strip out and loosen over time. Likewise, bolted components such as center supports are only strong as the braces they are attached to. Such braces are often simply glued and stapled pieces of plywood with bolt holes between 1/8"-1/4" of play, which can result in uneven joints and eventual settling. That won't happen with an Argosy Pool Table.

We use only the highest quality hardwoods and materials. Our cabinet frames are constructed using permanent glued, screwed and doweled joinery, along with solid wood bracing assuring optimal stability. The leg supports are recessed into the bottom of the cabinet eliminating the need for brackets to support the heavy weight of the frame and slate. The mitered corners are reinforced with full length gussets. Solid 5" deep hardwood center braces are used to tie the top of the frame together and to support the slate, well exceeding the strength needed.

One inch diamond honed slate with a solid wood liner is standard on all tables. The rails have inlaid sites and are fitted with tournament approved rubber cushions assuring the most accurate bank shots. The pockets are comprised of high grade leather, formed around precision ground iron castings and are bolted to the rails. Topping it all off, is the finest woven billiard cloth on the market today. All Argosy Pool Tables comply with stringent
BCA specifications.

Of course strength isn't everything. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we have a table for you. All tables are made to order. Choose from our fleet of Argosy models or have us design one just for you. Options are practically unlimited including wood variety, pocket style, over 30 cloth colors, and any color stain imaginable. We can even custom stain to match existing woodwork.

Each Argosy Pool Table is seal coated on the exterior as well as the interior of the frame for protection against warping due to moisture and high humidity. A two coat finishing process follows, providing a lifetime of lasting beauty and protection.

When completed, the table is delivered directly from our shop to your home and professionally installed. A complete accessory package is included, all at no additional cost.

All Argosy Pool Tables are available in regulation 7', 8' and 9' sizes. We also make over size 8' tables, billiard and snooker tables.
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